We walk Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

Higashikishu Chikishinko Kousha

With Mie Manabu Kumano society Mie Manabu Kumano

1.With Mie Manabu Kumano society

(1) Establishment process


 They saw, and Manabu Kumano society researched area study such as the history, culture, nature, folk of Mie east Kishu area (Kihoku-cho, Owase-shi, Kumano-shi, Mihama-cho, Kiho-cho), and they were established for the purpose of wrestling in April, 2000 by public information spread of rediscovery and research result activity of area resources.

 As local study think tank of public-private collaboration for activation of east Kishu area of Mie, we study Kumano from extensive viewpoint from two ways of history axis, geography axis, and we research while doing network with work, researcher, expert inside and outside the area, amateur and issue the result as study magazine, and information sends to discovery of area resources widely.


(2) Member


They see, and administration committees of Manabu Kumano society are as follows. (as of April 1, 2018)

Chairperson      Mitsuishi study (Kumano-shi)          

Vice chairperson Hanajiri is fragrant (Kumano-shi)          

                 Ken Kita (Kihoku-cho)          

Committee         Shigeaki Nakata (Kumano-shi)      

               mukiihirome* (Kumano-shi)      

               Toshiaki Tanaka (Owase-shi)      

               Yoichi Muroya (Kumano-shi)      

               murashima*ro (Kihoku-cho)      

               Ken Matsuda (Kumano-shi)          

               Takahisa Deguchi (Owase-shi)      

               Yukiya Matsunaga (Kihoku-cho)

               Haruyuki Okuda (Kihoku-cho)

               Hiroshi Hashimoto (Owase-shi)

               Hideo Miyamoto (Kumano-shi)

               Kazuhiko Yamamoto (Owase-shi)





2.Activity of society

(1) Way of thinking of Mie Manabu Kumano


 One of the sacred places that primitive faith to do communion with gods through nature was deeper in Kumano where innocent nature was kept among the rough seas which streamed down several folds steep mountains and Kuroshio to pile on top of, and breathed till late. Person visiting this ground where nature and a lot of original scenery that lived together of Japan are left for healing does not die out.
We reflect the history and culture, nature, industry of Kumano, east Kishu area with various charm and establish view on native district by studying and connect with regional activation and community improvement in its turn.
We see it and are way of thinking of Manabu Kumano. 


(2) Of information magazine bear


 We introduce the cause of plan, editing of "Mie Manabu Kumano society", Kumano's original taste with culture, the history, folk, oldness and are information magazine to send charm of our area to deeply.


"Introduction of Mie Manabu Kumano study magazine"


(3) Local patrol course


 Targeting at inhabitants of east Kishu 5 municipalities (Owase-shi, Kumano-shi, Kihoku-cho, Mihama-cho, Kiho-cho), we deepen consciousness about local charm and cultural heritage and, for the purpose of contributing to activation of promotion of cooperation in area and further activity through interchange again, as for by for each one time, hold area patrol course about Manabu Kumano in south area for Kihoku, period.


(4) Manabu Kumano seminar


 We see to send information of Kumano and, in metropolitan area (Waseda University), hold course about Manabu Kumano and carry out the field training of east Kishu area as local field work.

Sightseeing information

We show around way of good luck inherited ancient times

  • Riches of the soil
  • Good luck of river
  • Good luck of village
  • Blessing of the sea