We walk Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

Higashikishu Chikishinko Kousha

About Kumano Kodo Street guide

Kumano Kodo Street which is handed down
Specialists of Kumano Kodo Street

Kumano Kodo Street guide

"Kumano Kodo Street guide club" is group guiding Kumano Kodo Street Iseji.

Activity contents

○Guide of Kumano Kodo Street Iseji Kumano Kodo Street Iseji [, in Tsuzurato-toge Pass, Nisaka-toge Pass, Ikkoku-toge Pass - Hirakata-toge Pass - Kumagaya, Hajikami-toge Pass, Magose-toge Pass, Yakiyama-goe, Miki Pass - Ugo mountain pass, Sonejiro-zaka & Taro-zaka, Nigishima-toge Pass - Okamizaka-toge Pass, Hadasu Pass, Obuki-toge Pass, Matsumoto-toge Pass - Hananoiwaya including The Kannon Pass ※ broad perspective Inokake way, Yokogaki Pass (June, 2018, was canceled suspension of traffic partly, and came to be able to guide.) We show around, Fuden-toge Pass, Tori-toge Pass, The road along the beach, north, The road along the beach, south] and explain history, culture, nature of Kumano Kodo Street.
○When we received request of guide, we decide guide to show around by "guide organizer" every mountain pass.
○The number of people that we can show around with one guide is to 20 people.

The training, training course of guide

It is necessary to attend the training of Kumano Kodo Street guide more than uniformity to enroll in guide club.
Current membership is more than 170.

The training, training course of guide

○We hold guide training course every each mountain pass at any time.
○Higashikishu Chikishinko Kousha which is the secretariat holds the training of guide and guide training course for skill up every year.

Request method of guide

If you send guide request book to the following secretariat by FAX as principle of the next visit to Japan by two weeks,
I will inform guide full name and contact information as soon as I decide guide of charge. The details about request of <<Kumano Kodo Street guide >>Please see this.

... Kumano Kodo Street guide club secretariat ... (reference, guide request reception desk window)

Higashikishu Chikishinko Kousha

Kinan Office TEL 0597-89-6172
      FAX 0597-89-6184

Sightseeing information

We show around way of good luck inherited ancient times

  • Riches of the soil
  • Good luck of river
  • Good luck of village
  • Blessing of the sea